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I need Christmas cards so travel to my local town at the halfway point of the afternoon, while it is still light but the chill of a frosty night to come is just beginning to creep in.  Shoppers are wrapped up warmly and hurrying from shop to shop hoping to find inspiration for a present for a dad, or maybe a stocking filler for a nephew.  As I walk past some half empty shops I hear a conversation in an eastern European tongue, two young women college age pass me, on the same walkway there's an African man on his own, a swaying saunter to his movements as if he was sure the girls would notice as he passes them.  A passing flirtation.  Another African man a little further along seems withdrawn in his movements almost as if he feels he does not belong in this part of the world, where the cold seeps through warm clothing like a snake with hissing icy breath.  He hurries along, I have a feeling he has no one here to be close to.  More words are overheard from a mother with two young children one in a buggy, once again eastern European   It does sound out of place but it is now usual, once the babble would have been Welsh.  The dusk is creeping in, the chill begins to nibble at glove-less fingertips that grip tightly the plastic bag with the purchased cards.  White stars, strung in a line from shop to shop, twinkle and dance in a light breeze that has sprung up, dusk really is falling now, time to go home but it is always worth seeing and feeling this once a year occurrence of town Christmas lights, just to make sure the spirit of the season is still alive...

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