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Well, that's it.  Quit the job, (I was really unhappy there) no job to go to, been told I am on 'garden leave' from next Friday, guess there won't be a leaving party.  Been there 20 years, and the only thanks I get for any job well done is once a year at Christmas.  I tried so hard as well. But I feel so unappreciated, just a little  'great job' on occaision would have been encouraging.  I don't crave praise...just nice to not be treated like my input doesn't count. I practically ran the place, I respect my boss, but without the tools to do the job, it is near impossible.  

OK winge over - now to look onwards and upwards... 

Doctor, Doctor - YOU BASTARD!

Went to the Dr yesterday, for arm pain, he was the muscle guy, useless results but the other reason I wanted to see that one is, he was the one that LET MY MOTHER DIE!!!!

The day she collapsed, I got her up off the floor, should have called an ambulance but she didnt want that.  He was the on call Doctor for the next day.  Mum was in her recliner chair when he eventually got there, her legs were still jelly like and she couldn't walk without my assisitance, all he looked at was the srcapes on her neck, then he went away, that night she was dead!!!  Yes I BLAME ME FOR NOT CALLING THE AMBULANCE, AND YOU DOCTOR, YES YOU FOR NOT SEEING WHAT WAS NEEDED - YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN WHAT WAS NEEDED - ASKED THE RIGHT QUESTIONS.  

Sorry for shouting. 

Failure and resignation

I screwed up at work, and it may jepordise the company I work for.  There's only me in the office to do most of it, and my boss can be unwilling to listen to my input, or suggestions.  But I do not wish to cause harm in this way, I have lost enthusuasm for the work, being paid minimum wage for an Office Manager job does not add to its attraction.  I'd get paid more for being a cleaner or shop assistant, but being on my feet all day does not apeal.  What do I do?  Carry on - try to improve what I do, resign myself to be there there rest of my working life, that thought makes me feel ill, or resign, move house closer to my elderly parent, find something that makes 'me' happy, I have a day to decide...Thursday is a chat with the boss day!  Wish me luck. 


Plan A: To move to a smaller house/garden in my area (I love where I am but have a huge garden I can't manage), stay in a job that has always been a trial, but keep a wage, or Plan B: move closer to my dad, find a new job. Plan A is sensible, plan B is preffered but I would have to tell my boss of 20 years I was leaving! Decisions...

People huh!

I'll stick with my dogs, thank you very much, as such they don't talk back, are not prone to verbally attack, or bite or throw harsh words at me just for spite.

They don't mind a hug, always want to be friends, will be curled on my lap as the day ends.  Even the big one gets on if she can!  They're so willing to go with whatever I plan.

'Welcome home!' is their greeting with the wags of a tail, the walks are most fun, though perhaps not in hail!  

Dogs I get, but people?  HUH!

The end of...

I cannot see the end of work hell.  So much to do, and when it doesn't all get done, I get the ire of my boss.  I'm not a 'bossy' person so cannot be 'bossy' to the people we deal with, I prefer to be nice and polite, but nice and polite is slow, very slow - then those I deal with ignore my requests...perhaps I need to be more assertive!


Nope not me!


Strange how coffee and a chocolate brownie can have such a drastic effect on a moment, the mind raced for half the night, and decisions were made, but the fear of the consequences still makes the heart race.  It's so hard to concentrate, and my soul is agitated.  My life must change, I have to rearrange the future. But I am doing this with no idea how each day will pan out, not even had time to think the plan out...

(The plan is buy smaller house, do up old house, sell it - hopefully, do up new house, quit job, move house, get new job, live a life that will finally be mine...). Just wish I had a best buddie to help with all this, just have to hug the dog instead.

Choosing to live...

I must choose to live for the me that was lost.  What I would give for that choice to be easy, for my voice to be strong, for them know that where I belong is elsewhere now.  Somehow I must push courage into reality, but keep my personality intact.  My reaction to interaction of life and strife of the world, tears my inner self in two.  I am no longer who I am meant to be, now that I am free to choose what I can do! But to take that choice of a new life, is to lose this life I have, what I have been used to.  The bindings of the past hold tightly, knowing the way to cut the knots is easy, but when the cuts are made life tightens and chokes.  It frightens me.  I see the way; but I cannot break free, I scream in my soul, and plead for the freedom to be me…

Hating the job...

Hating the job but Iv'e been there since 94, so why do I still do it, guess I am too much of a coward to change things, too much afraid of consequences and of course I need the wage.  But the stress is unbelievable!  I am surprised I haven't ended up curled up in a little ball whimpering like a trapped dog.  No wait, in my mind thats what I do!!!!

I cannot see that this will end anytime soon...

The weirdest dream...

...I was at a place I plan to visit tomorrow, and as the day was done I went through a door to what I thought was a bathroom, it turned into a women's changing room at a gym, which in turn changed into a shopping mall.  I had to get out, it was too crowded.  Next thing I find myself in my car driving through this town, awake but as if asleep in the dream, so I was terribly afraid I would cause an accident, next I found myself driving up a single track tramway up to the top of a very, very high mountain, I could see the sea below, so I managed to turn to the right towards it onto a steep single track downward road, down, down, down, nearly there but...

Me in the car went over the cliff I was still on, I was then outside of me looking at my car falling, knocking people off  the cliff as it fell, knowing that those falling would have terrible injuries, even be killed.

Then in the dream I woke up. I was in a small sun dappled glade, the sea below to my left, the cliff up to my right, no one could see me, I seemed to be okay.  My dog came from the seaward side, limping a little on her back right foot but okay otherwise.   No sign of the car, no sign of the chaos.  It was a peaceful place.  The dream changed then to those who were looking for me, those who had not heard from me in a while, knew I wasn't where I was supposed to be, as if they actually cared that I was missing. I changed back to the me in the dream.  I realised I did not want to be found, the dream grove was peace, freedom, just me and the dog.  I wanted to stay...

Then I really woke up...I so much wanted to stay in that dream grove.

A Moment in a December Day

I need Christmas cards so travel to my local town at the halfway point of the afternoon, while it is still light but the chill of a frosty night to come is just beginning to creep in.  Shoppers are wrapped up warmly and hurrying from shop to shop hoping to find inspiration for a present for a dad, or maybe a stocking filler for a nephew.  As I walk past some half empty shops I hear a conversation in an eastern European tongue, two young women college age pass me, on the same walkway there's an African man on his own, a swaying saunter to his movements as if he was sure the girls would notice as he passes them.  A passing flirtation.  Another African man a little further along seems withdrawn in his movements almost as if he feels he does not belong in this part of the world, where the cold seeps through warm clothing like a snake with hissing icy breath.  He hurries along, I have a feeling he has no one here to be close to.  More words are overheard from a mother with two young children one in a buggy, once again eastern European   It does sound out of place but it is now usual, once the babble would have been Welsh.  The dusk is creeping in, the chill begins to nibble at glove-less fingertips that grip tightly the plastic bag with the purchased cards.  White stars, strung in a line from shop to shop, twinkle and dance in a light breeze that has sprung up, dusk really is falling now, time to go home but it is always worth seeing and feeling this once a year occurrence of town Christmas lights, just to make sure the spirit of the season is still alive...

The Goal.

...each physical step towards his goal, pulled on muscles that had seen little use.  Another step and another deep breath, the pain made his heart race, his chest felt constricted as if his heart and lungs had decided enough was enough, but he had to go on, he couldn't live this way.  Two years had gone by, the inactivity was killing his soul. No hope they said, you'll never walk again, and at first he'd trusted their judgement, believed in the doctors that had done routine examinations, and he could tell by the look on their faces that the diagnoses were the same as when he'd arrived.  No hope.  But they never said those exact words. 

Another step and another pain hit his chest, he reminded himself on rote, that staying here would have shrivelled him up into a ball of despair. Another step.  He stopped, resting on the frame he'd nicked from the old guy in the next bed, he wasn't going to need it anymore.  From the disturbance in the night it was obvious his room mate had finally kicked the bucket.  It was one way of moving on he mused.  

The strange thing about the sudden determination to get up and go, was that the day before was just the same as the day before that, a nothing day, TV, bedpan, bed bath, TV.  Conversation was limited, the nurses were from an agency and he never seemed to see the same one more than two or three times, then they were gone, no time to build up a relationship. Yes, the strange thing, was the nurse that had come that night.  A woman, a little old fashioned in her uniform but she had a kindly face.  He'd been restless, in his mind he'd been contemplating how many sleeping tablets it would take to finish him off completely.  But then she'd appeared.  He'd blinked and there she was.  No door squeak, no foot falls, just arrived silently.  

She took his hand and looked him in the eye and smiled.  A smile that penetrated his soul.  A deep hot pain then shot up his whole body, starting from his toes and ending right at the top of his head with a mild tingling sensation.  He'd gipped her hand tightly as this was happening, and felt the secure hold and comfort permeating and warming.  Then he fell asleep.

It was in the morning he realised sensation and movement had been restored, because he'd turned over in bed! He was on his side.  Not possible the day before.  For some reason he didn't want anyone to know until he'd got used to the idea himself.  He'd  turned back over and laughed out loud as he'd achieved it with ease.  He'd let the regular nurse do their thing, not letting on he could feel every touch.  When she'd gone he'd found that dressing was harder than he thought it would be. His muscles were still weak even though feeling had been restored.  Clothes that had fitted two years ago now hung like drapes, luckily he didn't need to leave the bed as they'd been stored in the small cupboard next to him.  

Swinging his legs over the side of the bed was easy peasy, but the trepidation of pulling himself upright having lain flat for so long almost made him give-up at the first hurdle.  No, time to go, he'd reminded his inner self again. The frame had just been within reach.  No one would come to see to him at this time of day and his deceased room mate had been taken away to the morgue, plus from the dull quiet, he'd guessed no-one was around in the corridors. Time to go, onwards to his goal...


Resolving a dilemma (or not resolving more like) that will result in a worker losing a week's work is not what I want to do tomorrow, and yet I must, no one else will!  Damn I hate life sometimes...

It's time...

It's time for the decision, to take a dog to the vet, and this will be her final walk, and tears are starting as I write this.  Fifteen years she has been with me. A small dog but a defender of the knee from all comers.  Summers and winters rain and sun.  We had fun. But now she is frail, blind, and sad, she may be glad to go on her long sleep, I have to let her go, be brave, not weep, but I will, still perhaps not just yet, perhaps another week...

Tiger Night

Orange skies are burning bright,
I look to see the starry night,
I find a glow I cannot bear,
I cry for stars no longer there. 

Ah yes, the UK summer!

A Holiday with rain, no less!
But why am I surprised?
Our weather likes to tease us,
With warm and sunny, deep blue skies.

Nice frocks and sandals see the light,
The minute we have 'our summer',
And so the rain says 'HA', to spite.
But so much rain? Oh what a bummer!

To Be Alone or Not To Be.

A life alone is what I have, not moaning here, in some ways I am glad for freedom, but reading on it can be quiet. No riot and laughter, no crafter of tales sits in the other chair, there's no one there.  And days pass by without a word from a human voice, and the dogs don't answer back. My choice? Do I need another? Others would say yes, but maybe a guest on occasion would do? Could do to fill the quiet.  Perhaps I'll try it...

Old Dog

Old dog you defeat me in your need for comfort, old dog you beat me to the warmest chair, old dog you dribble and drool and never care, old dog you wait until it starts raining then dash indoors as fast as you dare.  Old dog you are getting older and blind and deaf as well, old dog you're like an old person, and looking after you is sometimes quite...  But old dog I have known you for all of your life thirteen years and a bit, yes I do care, old dog when you're gone I will miss you, but tonight, tonight I am having that warmest chair!

Hair Cut

So, I have beyond shoulder length chocolate brown curly hair, thinking of having it all chopped to chin length...keeps getting caught in my fleece zip! 

Whinge Blog


Moanie me, having a whinge, self pity that always makes me cringe, a whine and a frown at life in my job, but work must be done to earn more than a bob, my boss is not mean, she's really all right, but seems to forget my days off, I'm polite! Tomorrow I'm off one day all alone, she'd forgotten then said 't' was a joke', but I'm sure she's being rotten! 

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